WoW Scanner Pro


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WOW Scanner Pro :

  wow scanner pro : Lightweight all in one proximity application.
  You can create or scan any type of nfc-tags, ble-beacons, bar-code
  and qr-code that you want.

Worried to keep multiple apps to deal with same proximity job ?

(example: nfc, ble-bacons, bar-code & qr-code.)
“wow scanner pro” is all in one integrated proximity app to deal with qr-code, bar-code, ble-bluetooth, nfc, hf-rfid create/scan. “wow scanner pro” is an LTS (Long Term Support), add free and moderm UI version of wow scanner app.
We are continusially working on this app to provide more features and stability.

User Guide:

Features of Wow Scanner pro application:
1. BLE - Bluetooth
    a. Simulate mobile beacons
    b. Scan available beacons
2. NFC Reader Writer
    a. Create any type of NFC tag you want
    b. Scan all standard types of nfc tags
3. BarCode
    a. Create any type of barcode that you want
    b. Scan all types of barcode
3. QrCode
    a. Create any type of qrcode that you want
    b. Scan all types of qrcode
4. NFC Tech
    a. Read technical information of the tag

5. History
    a. History of all the read items

✓  In order to use barcode & qrcode scan/create feature your mobile must have built-in camera.
✓  In order to use nfc, hf-rfid feature, your mobile must have NFC support.
✓  In order to use Beacon receiver feature, your device must have a BLE (Bluetooth low energy) hardware support with Android 5 (lollipop) and above.
✓  In order to use Beacon transmitter feature, your device must have a BLE (Bluetooth low energy) hardware support with Android 6 (marshmallow) and above.
✓  When you scan any URL that redirect to online content, you may need Internet connectivity.

Terms & Conditions:
  "Wow Scanner Pro" does not store any data retrieved from tags on persistent memory without explicit user consent.
  "Wow Scanner Pro" does not transmit any data retrieved from tags across the Internet.
  "Wow Scanner Pro" is thoroughly tested with multiple tags/bar/qrcode/ble-transceiver..