NFC Smart Poster

NFC Smart Poster [Maker, Scanner & Locker]

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NFC Smart Poster :

 NFC Smart Poster : Maker and Reader application
 You can create NFC smart poster or you can scan any NFC smart poster

As soon as you launch the app it starts scanning the NFC Smart Poster. You need to bring your nfc mobile near to smart poster

Have you ever wondered seeing "TapMe" or "TouchMe" icons around the the subway smart-posters ? or have you ever tried to read them using your NFC smart phone?

Use "NFC Smart Poster" app with your NFC-enabled android device to find them and to check what information they carry.

NFC Smart Poster is an free, simple and intuitive app which allows you to read NFC smart posters on go and stores them into recently tapped items(history). You could open them and find out when you free.

All you need to do is get your mobile close to an NFC smart poster chip to read the data and store.
NFC Smart Poster - Also helps to smart-poster makers to create SP(smart-poster) type NFC tags and lock them permanently, so that no one else could change the tag content.
All you need to do is open our app and click "Create Smart Poster" button and fill the required fields and say "Write" or "Write and Lock", that's it, your smart-poster is ready.
Please note that "Write and Lock" option cannot be UNDONE, make sure all the content to write is verified and click "Write and Lock".
Features of NFC Smart Poster application:

NFC Smart Poster - Creator options

1. Enter Name
     Enter your smart poster name
2. Enter URL
     Enter your smart poster URL.
3. BarCode
     Enter phone number.
3. QrCode
     Enter work number.
4. NFC Tech
     Enter mail ID
5. Write
     Click this button after filling above fields.
6. Write and lock
     Click this button after filling above fields, if you really want to lock the tag
7. Clear
     Click this button to clear the file you entered above.

NFC Smart Poster - History options:

1. Recently Tapped
     App will store the recently tapped smart posters and you can see them when you free.
✓  In order to use any feature in this app, your mobile must have NFC support.
✓  When you scan any URL that redirect to online content, you may need Internet connectivity.

Main Features:

✓  NFC Smart Poster Reader
✓  Recently Tapped option to store the History
✓  NFC Smart Poster Maker
✓  NFC Smart Poster Permanent Lock Option.

Terms & Conditions:
  "NFC Smart Poster" does not store any data retrieved from tags on persistent memory without explicit user consent.
  "NFC Smart Poster" does not transmit any data retrieved from tags across the Internet.
  "NFC Smart Poster" is thoroughly tested with multiple tags/bar/qrcode/ble-transceiver..

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