DoNfc-Pro NFC Reader Writer Launcher

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DoNfc-Pro :
DoNfc-Pro Application: ( NFC Reader / Writer / Launcher App): It can be widely used for IOT (INTERNET OF THINGS) use cases. DoNfc-Pro is a full fledged feature for writing and scanning( as a NFC task launcher) of multiple Data types on NFC Tag and scanning virtual-tag created by Host Card Emulation mode and High Frequency RFID Tags.

User Guide:

Features of DoNfc - Pro application:
The Tag Info application reads Meta information and data from NFC / High Frequency RFID tags. It is an ideal tool for anyone who is curious about the information stored on their Near Field Communication tags. It has 3 features as mentioned below.

1. Scan NFC Tag:
Once this option is selected It will appear a message window ”Tap your NFC Tag” for bringing NFC Tag near mobile. If Tag got detected then it shows the data.

2. Write NFC Tag.
Once this option is selected it will appear a multiple options to create various types of nfc tags.
✓  URL-Type
✓  Tect-Type
✓  Message-Type
✓  Contact-Type
✓  Phone-Type
✓  Location-Type
✓  Email-Type
✓  Application-Type

3. Tag Info (For Developer usage).
This option is used to read more information from NFC tags.
✓  Manufacturer info
✓  Technology supported info
✓  Tag Type
✓  NDEF Details
✓  Record Details
✓  Payload date

✓  In order to use nfc, hf-rfid feature, your mobile must have NFC support.
✓  When you scan any URL that redirect to online content, you may need Internet connectivity.

Terms & Conditions:
  "DoNfc-Pro App" does not store any data retrieved from tags on persistent memory without explicit user consent.
  "DoNfc-Pro App" does not transmit any data retrieved from tags across the Internet.
  "DoNfc-Pro App" is thoroughly tested with multiple tags/bar/qrcode.